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August 28, 2017
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Hilton Head Web Design Firm

Hilton Head Web Design Since 2007


Niche Market Media has been designing and building professional websites for clients in Hilton Head and all over the United States, for over a decade. Our background in entrepreneurship helps us to better serve our clients. We understand meeting deadlines, creating value, solving problems and maximizing results. At we enjoy watching businesses grow and we take great pride in the trust our clients have in us to build their websites and provide digital marketing services and consulting as needed.

The Evolution Of Our Hilton Head Island Web design Firm

We started out as graphic designers, designing print and designing logos for clients. A natural progression for us at the time was to take our skills and put them to work with building websites. We started out building websites for clients and essentially at the time they were “digital business cards”. A term we coined that means… if a business owner isn’t digitally marketing his or his business essentially all they have is a “digital business card”. No one knows about their website unless they tell them about it or they hand them a business card.

Clients wanted to get online or have their early 2000 style websites updated or redesigned. They came to us.

Then came search engine optimization. Clients wanted to be found online at the top Google when people searched for them. This is called search engine optimization or SEO. They came to us.

Next, clients wanted to drive traffic to their websites through paid advertising and they hired us.

Social media marketing was a new skill we learned and have built large followings for clients and ran effective social media marketing campaigns.

Providing responsive website design for clients

-2011 we began appearing on TV – discussing digital marketing

2012 – we did our first bootcamp teaching clients

2013 – spoke at our first event

2014 – we began offering instructional courses on web design, digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, and analytics

2015 – We introduced our Audit Develop Deploy Program

2016 – We introduced our program Relaunch Your Website

2017 – We continue to build and redesign websites, manage seo, sem, conuslt and take on clients that are a good fit for us

Some of our Hilton Head Island website designing projects

We have had the pleasure of having built many strong relationships with our clients.

Client: Kayak Hilton Head – The #1 Kayak Tour and Kayak Rental company on Hilton Head

The Project: Website redesign for Kayak Hilton’s website and provide eo and consulting services.

The Results: They rank for over 60 keyword terms in the top 5 of Google and are still a client today. They have expanded and now have an online booking system which we consulted with them on.

Client: Taylor’s Quality Landscape Supply

Project: Built original website, redesigned website and provided seo for client.

The Results: Client has received multiple business awards, ranked over 50 keywords for client and client now has multiple locatoins

The Reach Of Our Web Design Clients

We are humbled by the success of our web design clients.  Our clients have trusted us to build and brand their online presence. They have used our websites to do business with eBay, Go Rhino Products, Smittybilt, Prineton University, U.S. Department of Energy, NASA, Univesity of Connecticut, Georgia Pacific, Pfizer, Four Seasons, Jim Beam, Door King, Liftmaster, and more.

Do You Build Websites For Businesses Outside Of Hilton Head?

Yes we do build websites for businesses outside Hilton Head. In fact, we often pride ourselves on providing professional business websites for clients as  far as Alaska, New York, California, Colorado and Miami. We truly have a national and international digital footprint.

Often we can provide superior value opposed to large market design firms, as well as a higher level of customer service. We maximum clients’ investment and provide quantifiable results. We like saving our clients money and increasing their bottom line.

What Industries/Segments?Markets Have We Designed Websites For

  • We have built professional websites for the following:
  • Chamber of Commerce website
  • Financial Professional website design
  • Investment Banking website
  • TV Station websites
  • Attorney/Legal web design
  • Mining and Milling Company web design
  • Building Materials web designing
  • Supply Companies web developers
  • Landscape web design
  • Wholesalers web designs
  • Ecommerce/Shopping Cart design
  • Retail Locations website
  • Blogger web sites
  • Online Portals/Magazines
  • PR Firm web designer
  • Tour Company website
  • Athletic website designers
  • Real Estate websites
  • Cleaning company website design
  • Non -Profit web design
  • Water Sports web design
  • Service Business website design firm

What Our Clients Have To Say

How We Build Websites For Our Amazing Clients

Our Hilton Head web design firm has a simple but incredibly effective way of building websites.

We call it the “We Method To Building Websites” – and this is where the magic happens.  We (as in YOU and us) bridge your talents and skills with ours to create an amazing website design experience.

Here is our 10 easy steps to building your professional website:

  1. We Listen – We have 2 ears and one mouth and we take great pride in using both our ears to not only hear you, but to LISTEN to you. We want to know your expectations, what hasn’t worked for you in the past, what you don’t like, and your requirements. We want to know what success looks like to you and we want to deliver a successful project for you.
  2. We Welcome You Aboard – We take “on-boarding” serious. We want to familiarize you with our processes and procedures. Whether it is your first time using us for a project or your 100th time using us for a project, we want to start things off with a good impression and leave you with a good taste in your mouth. Our desire is for you to be comfortable and secure with your investment in your business. Niche Market Media will be loyal to you and we want to build trust with you. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with you and hopefully you will keep using Niche Marketing Media for your design, marketing, and strategy for life.
  3. We Identify Problems – Many times we take on a new client and they aren’t even aware they have holes, deficiencies or problems with their current website or digital presence. We can, if desired, audit your current online presence and when we do this we often find numerous problems that can be fixed. For example, let’s say you used to rank #1 in Google for one of your main keywords but now you don’t. We can provide details of why this happened and what is the correct course of action to improve your rankings so you can regain the top spot.
  4. We Find Solutions – We are problem solvers. We are digital marketers, but we are also strategists. We not only identify digital marketing or design problems, but through our analysis can find the solution and implement it.
  5. We Derive A Game Plan With YOU, Our Clients – We don’t believe in “winging it”. When is the last time you saw a coach in a high school, at the collegiate level, or in the pros not have a game plan? Would you invest your money with a money manager or financial advisor that didn’t have a game plan? If, heaven forbid, you or a loved one got sick, would you go to any doctor or would you go to a doctor who had a successful history of treating patients with the same particular ailments you or your loved ones were experiencing? We continually update or skills, training, and education so we have the most successful tools and methods at our disposal to create the best game plan to get you the desired results you desire.
  6. We Communicate – We keep clients posted and up to date with progress reports and communication. We believe communication from our clients and us is pinnacle in the success of our business relationship. And yes, this is a two way street.
  7. We Don’t Over-Promise – We learned a long time that over-promising and over delivering is the way we want to run our business. Sure there are other web design firms who will promise you the world but end up falling on their faces. This takes your time and can be draining so we take a different avenue. Read #8.
  8. We Deliver On Time And On Budget – As long as you get us everything we need to complete your project we get it done on time and on budget. We are talking login information, passwords to accounts we may need to access, scheduling and keeping meetings. When we have these basic things we GET IT DONE! And we take great pride in doing so.
  9. We Don’t Disappear – Ever have somebody start a project and go AWOL? Not us. Although… we have had some clients disappear on us and we welcome them back. lol. We know life gets busy at times, but you can count on us not disappearing and being there for you.
  10. We Built Relationships That Last – Our business is predicated on getting referrals. We want you to like, rather be ecstatic about what we did for you and tell everybody about it. We want you in our life for the long haul. Niche Market Media has a first class referral program where we reward you handsomely for your referrals. In addition, we have a “Private Client Only” newsletter where we suggest concrete items to improve your marketing. And the best part is is… once you are client, these membership perks are yours for FREE because we appreciate you.

What Are Your Strengths?

Besides building incredibly powerful websites we are strengths are:

Communicating With Clients In A Way They Understand – We do a lot of “techie stuff” but we don’t speak “techie talk”. Why? Because we believe it is important to help make our clients feel comfortable with us and using a bunch of “techie” jargon is not part of out program. Getting results is a huge part of our program and so is communicating effectively with our clients.

Giving Back To The Community – We believe in giving back to the community. For the last 12 years (4 seasons most years) we have coached youth sports. Making a difference in kids’ lives is very important to us. We have given 1000’s of hours of our time to coaching youth sports. In addition we have supported community clean ups, built websites for non-profits, provided countless pro bono marketing services for non-profits, and provided consulting to non-profits.

WordPress – WordPress is a web designing platform that is the most powerful and has arguably the largest footprint of any website platform. WordPress covers over 28.9% of the web. It is the most popular CMS (content managment system) on the planet for over 7 years. Well know web properties like TED, TIME, USA Today, New York Times and TechCrunch use WordPress. Over 10 years ago, we decided to learn one platform, and know it really well, and it was WordPress. Not only is it great for running blogs, business sites, and eCommerce sites, once it is set up correctly, it is easy to use. Updates are a breeze. You don’t have to have some fancy or techie software to use it. All you need is access to the internet. Oh… and did we mention how good it is for SEO? It is the best. We could on, on AND ON!

Improving Digital Marketing – We take great pride and satisfaction in identifying holes, weaknesses, and gaps in our clients’ marketing and implementing the remedies to fix them. We do this in our polular and robust program Audit Develop Deploy.

Professional Website Design – Whether we are working with one of the TV stations (like the CW Network), investment bankers, attorneys, doctors, or a start up, we build professional websites. Not only do they look amazing, but they are also built for performance and getting our clients results.

Improve Rankings – We’ve ranked keyword terms on page 1 in the top 3 of Google for over 1500 words and counting.

Save Clients Money – Niche Market Media saves clients THOUSANDS of dollars in wasted ad spend by optimizing ads and landing pages

Landing Pages – We are proficient in designing, building and testing the effectiveness of landing pages for lead generation and sales.

Lead Generation – See above.

Email Marketing – Not only do we know how to write killer content… we know how to craft offers and get people to open your emails.

Social Media Marketing – We use data to create your social media marketing campaigns. We test, test and TEST to maximize your effective on social media.

Auditing Your Current Digital Presence, Digital Exposure & Effectiveness – our program Audit Develop Deploy handles this.

Responsive Web Design – What good is a website if it doesn’t look good and work good on different devices. All of our Hilton Head web design packages are responsive. No matter what size device your clients have…. your site will look and function flawlessly.

Mobile Website Design – See above. Since we make our sites responsive, you can rest assure that your site will be mobile friendly.

Digital Marketing – Our specialty is driving traffic to your site through various means and traffic sources. Ask us how and we will be glad to tell you.

Boot Camps – Want yours staff to learn more about web design or digital marketing? Let us know.

Learning/Educational/Training – We offer video and online training in web design and all facets of digital marketing.

What has Lead To Our Longevity

We are constantly evolving. Our website is not static nor is our business. Niche Market Media is constantly growing. We stay up to date and beyond the curve in our indsutry. When we find out something new… we test it first and if it is successful, we  apply our findings to our clients. We are active in our community, believe in giving back, and have a long history of succesfful projects, and our many 5 star reviews are a testament to our success. We have had many clients who have stayed with us for close to a decade.

What You Should Look For In A Web Design Firm

Here is a TV interview that brings some of the most important things you should look for when chosing a web design firm for your next new website project or website redesign project.  In a nutshell, how are their clients doing? Do they rank for any keyword terms related to their business? Does their website work? Does their website flow? Can they effectively communicate with you?

What Is Included In The Websites We Build For You?

That depends on what your needs and desires are. We build exactly what your require. But in a nutshell… all of our websites are mobile and responsive. We install analytics. Our websites are seo friendly. They are professional websites.

We also offer logo services and professional managed wordpress hosting services.

What Is The Process To Get Started

We make it super easy to get started. Just call us at 843-415-6611 email us at and let’s get to know each other. We look forward to learning about you and your business.

Or… look below…

What’s Next?

For super fast service… fill out this form below, we will review it and get back to you fast so we can begin formulating a plan for success that you can follow.

We look forward to connecting with you regarding your next Hilton Head web design project. Our professional website designers are ready to turn your ideas into reality.


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